We are a husband and wife photography team based in Davidson, NC.


Phil Mickelson described it best when an interviewer asked him why he always took his wife with him on the road, saying, "Some couples are just 24/7 couples."  That is what Kirk and I are.  We met at IBM in 2007, and have spent every day together since. After having Bray in 2010, we made the choice for me to remain at home to raise and influence the new soul that God had entrusted to us.  After a few years of separate working environments, we made the decision to join forces and follow our passion of photography and as a 24/7 couple.


During a time when documenting  your wedding day is becoming more and more personal and photography begins with "getting ready", we believe that having Kirk hanging with the boys while Holly shares a space with the ladies offers a much more comfortable scenario on a day where bras and pantyhose inevitably go flying.  Capturing your wedding day from both a male and female perspective adds depth and range to the emotion and detail behind your images. It also allows us the freedom to capture portions of your day in natural, ambient light while the second photographer shoots with flash. 


We love our clients and we love our business.  We love each other and we love documenting through photography.  From the tear rolling down the groom's cheek as he sees his bride for the first time in her full wedding glory.  To the bride, dripping with sweat, shoes discarded, ripping a course of Bohemian Rhapsody in full-out air guitar.  They are all moments.  They are all special.  And we commit to capturing each one. 


All wedding and family portrait packages include digital copies of the images captured by our team.  These images are sized to print up to 8x10 and come with a license release for personal printing and use.


wedding + engagement

Our wedding packages start at $2500 and include edited, digital copies of your beautiful images. Use our contact page to send your special details for a simple, no-strings quote.

family + lifestyle

Family and Lifestyle packages start at $250 and can be done in your home or at a location of your choice. All family packages include individual portraits of each child.

corporate + head shots

We offer on-site photography for our corporate clients and provide appropriately sized digital image files for updating your company's website and printables.


Connect with us using the links below.  Life moves fast and we know that time doesn't slow for anyone.  We value your time, and your interest in our art, so we will respond to your request within 12 hours. (Unless we are on an 18 hour direct flight to Australia, which I must admit would be AMAZING!!)


Holly Parker

Holly earned her degree in Education and Psychology, took a side trip with IBM through corporate America where she learned countless life lessons on failure, success, persistence, and friendship.  One sunny Thursday, after spending years behind a computer, she swiveled around in her rolling office chair, stood, packed her briefcase, and waddled to elevator and through the parking lot (because she was pregnant), never to return to the corporate world.  Instead, she would branch out, like Nacho Libre and pursue her passion for photographing people, for documenting love, and for plucking a few moments that would have been gobbled up by time, saying, "..this one, this moment. This memory stays."

K + H

Together, we have two of the sweetest and most loving tiny humans on the earth (who also happen to be gorgeous). We cherish family. We would rather be outside than in. We moved to the country to make real our dreams of pygmy goats, planting a garden, waking up each day to fresh eggs, and nurturing the souls of our baby girls with earth-crusted fingernails, tree hammocks and creek swimming. We love Jesus. We love each other. And we love what we do!

Kirk Parker

Kirk graduated from UNCW with a degree in Marketing.  He has a slight obsession with sneakers, and loves tinkering with watches that he has collected.  His boyhood (and let's face it, manhood - because heroes never die) hero is Michael Jordan. 

In 2016, he and Holly joined forces as HPP.